Monica DuPaix

    One of the most amazing experieces of my life. The people, the culture, the city...just everything about this place is beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to go with, and Peter and Linh were the real MVPs of this trip. Without them, this experience would have never been the same.

    Katherin Stow
    I liked Linh and our tour guide Peter the most, they were so wonderful, helpful, entertaining and informative. My favourite experience was volunteering at the Center for Disbabled. Everyone should take part in such a humbling and life changing experience.

    Alexandria Magana

    Traveling to Vietnam this summer is an experience that has taught me not only about one specific country or culture, but it opened my eyes to see much greater things that exist outside of America – a fascinating and memorable experience is certainly what I came back with.

    Landon Bergenthal

    Everyone asked me, "Why Vietnam?" I had no idea what to expect... I know it's cliché, but this trip completely changed my life. I truly don't want to leave this place. There's no place I'd rather have been with the best crew on the planet.

    Wendy Lee

    All the people we engaged with were very kind. The say and accommodation was amazing, including people and services. The places we went to were very beautiful and informative. I enjoyed the history of Vietnam. I was also very glad to see a lot of my ethnic products at the market (Hmong).

    Valentino Nguyen

    The trip was flawless and was a very culturally enlightening and enjoyable experience. I am thankful for the help of coordinators and I feel as if we have bonded and will meet again in the near future, I am very grateful for their help and services. The trip was fun and someday I hope to come back to see how things change. Other than that, I had a good time and would love to come back and relive good memories.

    Melissa Bolthouse

    I was generally pleased by both the quality of lectures and the variety of lecture topic offered.  I see potential for growth in this direction but no need for structural change here.  For example, it would be interesting to hear from scientists about the about the natural environment, plants, animals and ecosystems of Vietnam, or from a writer about the literature and poetry. Although university dorm the world over are not known as luxurious, I appreciated that our accommodations were safe and well equipped, and that we had strong support with maintenance, computer, and security issues.

    Daniel Tochukwu Umah-Mgborogwu

    Linh, Peter and Allen were awesome. We had a blast. The structure and program was well organized and the hospitability from the hotel staff was unspeakable. I loved the fact that the hotel was very secured and they can account for everything going on in the hotel. I pretty much loved everything about my stay and study abroad there in Hanoi.

    Brittney Najar

    Hanoi is a beautiful city. It was definitely one of the best experiences in my whole life. Having such a great staff made the experience even more fabulous. I love Hanoi and I will definitely come back again.

    Thomas Bui

    The people who organized the program were generally nice and accommodated our needs the best as they can for us. They had help us with everything in our trip, from changing our dates to go to Nha Trang to help getting medicines whenever someone is sick. For example, Valentino had lost his medicines when we went to Sapa and they were really good at getting his medication within 24 hours.

    Mia Mae Manalastas

    Ha Long Bay was definitely the best part of this trip, it was absolutely stunning. I loved all the places which I toured and the culture there.

    Vinh Phan

    I’m very thankful to be able to participate on this study abroad trip to Vietnam. I have met amazing people like the staff, the students, and the faculty.  I hope I can participate in some more similar study abroad trips like this one or even organize a trip for future students to participate in.  

    Hiba Somo

    Everything was great so far. I really enjoyed my time in here. People in Hanoi are very nice and cooperative.

    Lin, Yen-Chun

    We appreciate that the program coordinators always took care of us and gave us a hand. During the three meaningful months, we really felt happy and enjoying.

    Eric Braun

    I can't thank all of you enough. I had a great time and awesome experience.