BISpedia Vietnam Group JSC.,

BISpedia Vietnam Group JSC.,


In 2007, BISpedia was founded with the mission to connect Vietnam to the world, enabling friends from other countries to understand more about the history and especially the story of changes that Vietnam has experienced during the past many years.
With that mission in mind, BISpedia has become the leading provider of customised study abroad programs in Vietnam for worldwide individuals and groups, especially for universities and colleges, who are interested in knowing more about this unique country with a long history of ups and downs and consequentially, a worth-studying development process.
Being local and focused, BISpedia proudly brings you a study abroad program with:
● A Commitment to Highest Academic Standards
● Authentic Vietnam Experience
● Emphasised Safety Concern
● Best Value for Money
● Exceptional Support

Find out why you should choose Vietnam for your study abroad program and why BISpedia should be your program provider.
Beside seminars and lectures related to the program’s academic focus, BISpedia offers guided tours, events and other activities that fit your faculty needs to ensure the best experience for the students. One of the unique features of our programs is the ability to combine not only accommodation and other logistical support services, but also specialist site visits and guest lectures, which allow the participants to get a real taste of the culture and background of where they are visiting.

Our programs can be of any discipline, in the form of faculty-led, host country faculty or hybrid, and they can last from 1 - 12 weeks all year round in one city or a few cities in Vietnam. Please browse our website to find out more about Who we are, What we do, Program Overview and our Sample Programs.

BISpedia has received very positive feedback from the faculties and students participating in the programs. We are happy to serve as a convenient bridge connecting students from different countries to Vietnam to study, visit, exchange, explore, engage and experience.

Contact us today should you want to arrange a Site Visit or to Request for a Program. We will get back to you for further discussion usually within 24 hours.

"Everyone asked me, "Why Vietnam?" I had no idea what to expect... I know it's cliché, but this trip completely changed my life. I truly don't want to leave this place. There's no place I'd rather have been with the best crew on the planet".