What we do

What we do

    Beside seminars and lectures related to the program’s academic focus, we offer guided tours, events and other activities that fit your faculty needs to ensure the best experience for the students. One of the unique features of our programs is the ability to combine not only accommodation and other logistical support services, but also specialist site visits and guest lectures, which allow the participants to get a real taste of the culture and the background of the country/city they are visiting.

    No matter what discipline the students come from, BISpedia can help to design a suitable program tailor made to their specific needs. Some of the interest programs we have coordinated include those related to the field of Economy/Finance, Health care Systems, Art, Political Affairs, History, Language and Culture...
    We can also offer you a broad range of options for student housing, including hostels, centrally located hotels, apartments and even home stays. Please click here to see more of what is included in our services.

    With a team of experienced professionals in education and tourism, BISpedia has successfully organised and coordinated many custom programs that combined academic learning, cultural exchange and tourism in Vietnam for different foreign educational institutions and professional groups. Our programs are always designed, planned and executed with highest quality and highest sense of responsibility to bring the life-changing experience for the participants. Besides, with a growing interest in Vietnam, we are able to connect with prestigious local universities, businesses, and government offices to confidently meet any of your institutional needs.

    BISpedia has received very positive feedback from the faculties and students participating in the program. We are happy to serve as a convenient bridge connecting students from different countries in the world to Vietnam to study, visit, exchange, explore, engage and experience. BISpedia is proud to have become a center of cultural exchange and continue to strive to become a leader in introducing interested individuals and groups to various aspects of Vietnam.

    See some Sample Programs we have organised here.