Why BISpedia?

Why BISpedia?

    BISpedia is confident that we can help your team to study abroad in Vietnam effectively, economically and meaningfully. Please find below the reasons why:

    1. Commitment to Highest Academic Standards:

    BISpedia offers program/courses in all disciplines that your students are studying with the teaching of the leading specialists in Vietnam. We affiliate with the most prestigious universities and guest lecturers in Vietnam to ensure that the lectures are informative, up-to-date, attractive and practical.
    Also, depending on each program, we are able to invite distinguished professionals and experts who have a deep understanding of their field to deliver the talks about the topics you are interested in. We believe that it’s the best way we can contribute to you and to Vietnam.

    2. Authentic Vietnam Experience:

    We want to tell you the most truthful and lively stories about Vietnam. Therefore, we design cultural and social events, excursions and service-based opportunities together with traditional academic activities so that the participants can have different perspectives about Vietnamese culture, history and people. We create trips and activities exclusively designed for each program to ensure the unforgettable experience for the students.
    Vietnam is a now a hot destination for tourists around the world. We know where to take you to so you can have the best understanding of what has been happening in this interesting country. Depending on the length of the program, we will design trips to stunning destinations such as Ha Long Bay, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, etc. In addition, the program will be designed in a way that you can experience local cuisine and participate in different cultural and social activities such as making pottery, playing traditional music instruments or visiting social centers... so you can understand more about the country and its people.

    3. Safety First:

    When planning a program, your safety is top of our concerns. BISpedia manages, supervises and supports the whole process of your program in Vietnam, from the moment the participants set foot here until their departure. BISpedia does not merely create a program of your need, we do accompany you during your time here. Also, when you on-site, all of our programs including 24/7 emergency support. Your team will really feel safe and secured while in Vietnam.

    4. Best Value for Money:

    BISpedia offers opportunities to learn and to participate in other social and cultural activities at economical but effective costs. Our program fees cover everything you need such as tuition, travel, transportation, accommodation and extra-curricular events. Especially, there’s no hidden fee in our price. All the costs related to the program are clearly listed in the Program fees so you can know what to expect when participating.


    5. Exceptional Support:

    Quality of service is one of the things we are most proud of and it is our priority. BISpedia team of experienced, enthusiastic and readily available staff will always be there to help you through the whole process including pre-departure, on and during arrival and even post-program. We are committed to conducting programs in an ethical manner in line with our mission.

    6. We are local and focused:
    BISpedia is proud to be a local organisation focusing only on customised study abroad programs in Vietnam. Being local means our deep understanding of Vietnam’s culture, history and people enables us to create a program where you can experience the best parts of the country and make the most of the time spent.
    A full team of locally based staff also means you are sure to get the best support whenever needed. In addition, being focused only on study abroad programs in Vietnam means we are able to mobilise all the resources in one place to best meet your demand.